Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jennifer Lopez is a big, FIAT liar. Never set foot in the Bronx for Fiat commercial.

Body double in the Bronx
All of the shots of JLo driving the car were filmed in LA. A body double was used to drive the car through the Bronx and get out of the car in the Bronx. Jennifer didn't set foot in the Bronx for the commercial.  Nice going, JLiar.

And as for your inspirational song... now it's just a pile of poop because you couldn't hop on a flight.  But- damn it if it doesn't make me kind of want to buy a Fiat.... for a split second.... and then I realize I could crush it between my fingers.  Back to being a pile of poop.

Unmodified photos:  gps, bronx, jlo

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